Les Rassasiés

Rethink an environnemental awareness campaign introducing a food culture based on local, organic and mostly vegetarian consumption.

The system "Les Rassasiés", proposes a set of measures aimed to promote an alimentation with low environmental impact and highlighting Quebec products. The system consists of urban events taking place around a foodtruck that offers meals consisting of local, seasonal and organic food to raise public awareness of the issues surrounding food. "Les Rassasiés" is also a website and an application guiding users in their choice of daily consumption. People are invited to create a profile on which they can make their environmental assessment of their eating habits, challenges to improve their carbone footprint review, find seasonal recipes from top chefs and view a directory of different grocery stores and markets Montrealers .
The whole system :
The event : Les Rassasiés at the FoodLab
This event was intended to have the reactions and opinions of users on the subject of low environmental impact meals.
Composition of meals offered, origin of ingredients and overall carbon footprint.
Les Rassasiés web site
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